Diversity at UNCG

Among the 16 campuses in the North Carolina system, UNCG currently is among the top three state institutions with the highest number of minority students in terms of ethnicity. A quick summary of the 2015/2016 minority count in terms of ethnicity and gender among students, staff, and faculty at UNCG can be found in the below table. A further breakdown of minority status by specific ethnicity can be found in the Fall 2009 Ethnic Diversity Report. In addition, the Office of Institutional Research maintains factbooks at http://ire.uncg.edu/ that provide more details regarding this diversity at UNCG. The Advisory Committee is currently working with the university to explore ways to collect data on other categories of diversity such as sexual orientation & gender identity.

Category Percentage of Ethnic Minority Percentage of Females
Full-time faculty members 17.5% 54.6%
Full-time EPA staff members 21.2% 60.7%
Full-time SPA staff members 32.0% 56.8%
Undergraduate Students 44.5% 66.1%
Graduate Students 24.0% 68.9%

*Although the number of minority faculty members is low, UNCG has made progress in recruiting and retaining minority faculty over the last decade. Data provided by the Office of Human Resources shows an increase in the percentage of minority tenure-track faculty between 1998 and 2009, at the ranks of Assistant Professor (from 7% to 22%), Associate Professor (from 7% to 13%) and Full Professors (4% to 12%).