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Asian Students Association (ASA) Website link is not working correctly Any UNCG student Promotes academic success and leadership development through educational and social opportunities; aspires to promote unity and understanding of Asian culture through diversity programs and social activities; promotes civic and service responsibilities.
Associated Campus Ministries Center
500 Stirling Street
UNCG students, faculty, & staff
Better Days Coalition UNCG students, faculty, & staff To raise awareness, take action and ignite debate on issues of social justice in the Greensboro area or elsewhere in the world, while building ties between the UNCG student body and the greater Greensboro community.
Black Business Student Association Black students in the Bryan School of Business and Economics. A support group for African-American students in the Bryan School of Business and Economics.
The Black Graduate Student Association
Their motto is “Where Heritage and Academics Matter: The BGSA Network of Support.”
African American graduate students Aims to enhance the graduate experience for African-American students by facilitating the transition from undergraduate to graduate school, providing academic support, recruiting, and providing opportunities for fellowship. This organization also seeks to expose the UNCG community to elements of African-American culture.
Black Nursing Students Association
222C EUC
Black Nursing Students Facilitates the personal and professional development of black nursing students by promoting unity and by fostering academic, personal, and professional development of students; by enhancing understanding, awareness, and integration of black nursing students; and by developing leadership.
Caribbean Students Association
EUC Box B6
UNCG students Offers support for new Caribbean students as well as for members of the organization. Educates the University and the Greensboro community on all aspects of the countries of the Caribbean.
Center for New North Carolinians
413 S. Edgeworth St.
Students, volunteers; immigrants and refugees; service providers
Chinese Student Association Chinese students and those interested Helps Chinese students at UNCG enjoy life in Greensboro; promotes communication between Chinese and other students; collaborates with students at other colleges and universities; facilitates cultural shariang and awareness events.
International Programs Center
127 McIver Street
International students and faculty
International Student Association
127 McIver Street
All UNCG students Has a special interest in promoting international diversity on campus. Seeks to promote fellowship among the representative nations
on the campus of UNCG.
The Muslim Student Association UNCG students Tries to counter misinformation regarding Islam and Muslims. Provides lectures, and social activities, such as dinners during Ramadan.
NAACP College Chapter
EUC Box F7
UNCG students, faculty, & staff Strives to improve the political, educational, social, and economic status of minority groups; the elimination of racial prejudice; keeps the public aware of the adverse effects of racial discrimination and takes lawful action to secure its elimination.
Native American Student Association (NASA)
221 EUC Box S3
UNCG students Promotes community awareness through education and celebration of the Native American lifestyle. Maintains traditions and customs while advancing discussion of contemporary issues and working to dispel myths and preconceived notions surrounding the Native American community. Aids in the recruitment and retention of Native American students at UNCG; promotes awareness among all members of the University community, among the general public, and among Native American students of the richness of Native American cultures.
Neo Black Society
UNCG students, faculty, & staff Strives to make the University community aware and appreciative of African-American culture and achievements. With African-American pride as the dominant theme, the Society serves to develop awareness among people of all races.
Office of Intercultural Engagement
UNCG students Promotes cultural awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity and to foster intercultural and cross-cultural understanding. Provides programs and services that support the academic mission of the University by enhancing the educational, personal, cultural, and social development of students. Builds positive advocacy and collaborative relationships with students of color who represent the African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian and Asian American, Native American, LGBT and multiracial communities. The Office also strives to build ally relationships with the general student body. The Office continues to build partnerships with UNCG departments and Greensboro groups and organizations.
PRIDE! UNCG students, faculty, & staff A gay, lesbian, transgendered, questioning and allied student association which is designed to be an educational, political awareness and social organization. Mission is to educate its members about sexual identification and its place within society. Affiliation with PRIDE! In striving toward the PRIDE! Mission, weekly meetings, social functions and community outreach events are held regarding the concerns of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning community.
Race and Gender Institute UNCG students, faculty, staff, & the public Fosters greater inclusion of minority perspectives in the curriculum. Encourages a critical dialogue about race, gender, and sexual orientation in our teaching, research and scholarship, and intellectual discourse at UNCG. Be a catalyst for healing old wounds connected to the southern past and a progressive force with respect to social justice, civility, and academic freedom.
SAFEZONE Membership open to LGBTQC students and allies. Welcome to UNCG’s Safe Zone, a campus group of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning individuals supported by student, faculty, and staff allies.  Provides resources for students, faculty and staff who want to provide a safe, comfortable environment for anyone who seeks it; to encourage an atmosphere free of homophobia and heterosexism.  Provides a setting of appreciation, affirmation, and information for and about the GLBT community.
Spanish American/Latino Student Association (SALSA)
Latin students Enhances the understanding of Latin culture through educational, social, and service activities. Support group for students of Spanish and Latino descent
Students of Action UNCG students The purpose of Students of Action is to better serve the UNCG Community by way of community service and campus activities in conjunction with various organizations.