Community Play! A Conversation between UNCG Students and the Campus Police

Posted on Monday, August 25th, 2014 by James R Wyatt under Home Page.

As part of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence plan to highlight the work of our outstanding faulty, staff and students throughout the year, I would like to introduce the campus community to the work of Dr. Omar Ali (Associate Professor in the African American & African Diaspora Studies Program and Director of Community Play!).

On August 21st, in the wake of the outcry in Ferguson, Missouri, over the shooting of an unarmed African American teenager, Michael Brown, Dr. Omar Ali moderated a conversation on Police and the Community between Chief of Police James Herring and Major Paul Lester and UNCG student Tianna Corbett and those in attendance. The gathering drew 110 students from across the campus at UNCG into a conversation that was at times poignant and intimate.

UNCG’s faculty take great pride in providing our students with opportunities to engage difficult topics thereby developing a better understanding of and the skills needed to address social complexities within our communities and around the world. The faculty are constantly challenging students to step outside of the boundaries established by society to critically engage, and critically analyze subject matter designed to increases their competencies associate with culture and difference. The work of Dr. Ali and other faculty members around social issues is one of the many attributes that make UNCG such a special institution of higher education for our students.

Thanks to our faculty, staff and students, UNCG continues to produce graduates capable of engaging the Global community with the confidence and professional skills needed to make a difference!

Pictured on stage are Tiana Corbett, Chief Herring, Major Lester, and Dr. Ali :

Welcome to New Faculty, Staff and Students! Welcome Back to Returning Faculty, Staff and Students!

Posted on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 by James R Wyatt under Home Page.

The start of the 2014-15 academic year is underway. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of the new and returning faculty, staff and students to our diverse and culturally rich university community! It is my hope that you find yourself here at UNCG and create or grow those things that you are most passionate about. As many of us have arrived here from various parts of the United States as well as Internationally, I would encourage each of us to reach out to someone from a different culture (i.e., race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, age, gender, academic disciple, nationality, etc.) and attempt to learn something new. Experience the world through the eyes of your fellow classmates, and Faculty or Staff colleagues to help expand your growth potential as an engaged citizen of our global society and campus community.

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence is here to serve you by working to ensure our campus community embraces, appreciates and engages difference in the multiple ways it is reflected in our daily lives. I would encourage you to get engaged with UNCG and the multiple offerings through events, programs, concerts, arts exhibits, athletics, campus rec, student organizations, study groups or other activities of interest to you. It has been stated the The University of North Carolina Greensboro is the place where students come to find themselves. A place to grow, flourish and become more than you ever imagined possible. Become engaged in the evolution of your university as we adjust to our ever changing environment and define our place in the new Global society in which we live, work and play!

Mark Your Calendar –  On Monday, October 6th–  7pm –  Cone Ballroom – The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence will host another Campus Community Dialogue entitled “Strangers to Neighbors”.  The focus of this dialogue is to discuss meaningful way to communicate across cultural differences and break down some of the wall that separate us from one another because we may not look, act, think or process things in the same manner due to cultural norms.

Welcome Back! I hope we get the opportunity to meet and collaborate in shaping the future history of your university!

Best regards,

Rod Wyatt,
Chair, Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for
Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence